Thanks for your interest in being a guest speaker on the Career Chic™️ Confidential podcast!


To expand your reach and get your story and message out to a wider audience of qualified listeners. 

They accelerate their learning curve by listening whenever they can and wherever they would like due to the convenience and flexibility of their smartphones. 

They listen to things that will help them improve their life and grow their business.

Our Podcast episodes are released weekly on Tuesday mornings.  

Each episode is short, succinct, and impactful, ranging from only 15-20 minutes. Our philosophy is Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Gone!


If you’re a Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Entrepreneur that providers services that other Boss Chics can benefit from in their careers or business, you may be the ideal guest on the podcast

Our listeners are looking for high-value, inspiring strategies to level up their mindset, confidence, performance, marketing, motivation, professional development, personal transformation, and scaling their businesses.

Unfortunately at this time, we are not considering topics on abuse, politics, or social issues that are not specific to women in business or the workplace.


If you believe you are a good fit and your message aligns with our mission, please review the below requirements.

If you meet the requirements, please proceed to complete the application. 

NOTE: No MLM, Forex, C2C, or any network marketing types of businesses will be considered.

After completion, the team will review your application and reach out to schedule a brief interview.
1. You must know how to use Zoom and/or Anchor.

2. You must have a suitable mic so that we can hear you clearly with little interference and no background noise.

3. You must be willing to share your podcast episode link with your audience through email and/or social networks when the episode is released.

4. If you’ll be briefly mentioning a soft offer, please provide an affiliate link so we can add it to the show notes.

5. You must have a very clear and specific topic. We cannot consider topics that are vague without a specific title and description.  

6. Only submit an application if you have a specific talk prepared.

7. Please prepare to speak for no more than 10 minutes.

NOTE: If you need coaching for speaking projects and podcasts, please contact us for rates.

I agree that I have read the requirements, meet the qualifications, and my message is a great fit for the Career Chic™️ Confidential audience per the above guidelines!
I agree that if interviewed, I am willing to share the link to the podcast episode with my primary community & network on all of my socials,  email list and other places?
By checking this item, if chosen, you give us permission to use the content you've provided to promote the podcast. You acknowledge that there are no guarantees or promised exposure, profits, business or other perceived benefits from being featured on the podcast.

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted with available times to record your interview.

Please only apply if you have a well-crafted specific story and teaching that fits with our niche.
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